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Another Turn: Complete EPs


another turn: complete EPs


About the project:

Four EPs, four seasons

"A unique series that is as enjoyable as it is moving" - Stationary Travels

"With the September EP, Garreth Broke and Anna Salzmann began a project to cope with and comment on the stages of grief, portrayed in the different seasons. Following the first EP came three more – DecemberMarch, and June. With Garreth’s heartfelt pieces ringing with accuracy relevant to each season and Anna’s incredible, abstract paintings so clearly following each note of each piece, the project has been a joy to keep up with." - Piano & Coffee Co.


About the CD:

The CD comes in a premium quality fold-out digipack accompanied by a 16-page booklet featuring 15 pieces of art by artist Anna Salzmann.

When bought from the Garreth Broke store at Bandcamp, you will also receive:

  • a free bonus download of a 21 page digital booklet with all the artwork

  • three bonus tracks of improvisations made during the course of the project

  • a 13:31 minute long video with the music for the complete December EP accompanied by art by Anna Salzmann

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About the sheet music:

Sheet music for all of the pieces is available to buy/download from the store.

About the EPs

September EP

  1. The First

  2. September

  3. Murmuration

  4. The View from the Hill

"The perfect welcome to the new season is found on Garreth Broke's September EP, with the title track and 'Murmuration'." - A Closer Listen

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December EP

  1. the frost falls as we sleep

  2. flakes unwatched and improvised

  3. a clear quiet light

  4. we walk

  5. the empty church

"December introduces us to the harsh Nordic winter with mellow tunes and smooth watercolors. Over five tracks, the artists craft a melodic journey from tranquility to vitality, and create hope for a new spring." Piano & Coffee Co

"By implying an outer cold and an inner warmth, Broke wraps the season in a tidy bow.  Winter is coming, yet we need not be afraid.  Extra points to Anna Salzmann for the lovely watercolor art." The Year's Best Winter Music - A Closer Listen.

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March EP

  1. Wakening

  2. Dita e Verës

  3. Hinterland

  4. Hope

"While March touches on wistful themes, each piece is imbued with the verdant promise of spring ... a testimony to Broke’s ability to master nuances of style, tone, and timbre to convey both mood and setting. Coupled with the lovely artwork and inventive experiments with both form and medium, Garreth and Anna have created a unique series that is as enjoyable as it is moving." - Stationary Travels

"Broke’s spring-themed EP, March, simply leaves nothing to be desired. The melodies seem full and fresh, yet familiar as if the tunes are old friends nearly forgotten. Much of modern classical music doesn’t dare to go where Broke goes tonally in his EP. While the methods are familiar ones, the content of the playing is where Broke’s piano shines. Subconsciously, as well, the music forms mental images of space and landscapes that hint at raw, wide open countryside and the bite of a cold wind despite sunny skies." - Piano & Coffee Co.

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June EP

  1. The Last

  2. Take Flight

  3. Making something from nothing on a random evening in Dobrota in June, feat. Phil Smith

"lovely... genuinely uplifting ... shows us yet again how easily Broke can shift moods & motifs while it ends the series on a note of warmth, hope, and camaraderie. A pleasant journey comes to an end, but just as with the seasons themselves, perhaps the ending is also the beginning of something new…" Stationary Travels

"With the June EP, which was like all the other works mainly influenced by Franz Schubert, Felix Mendelssohn and Yann Tiersen, he found the best possible way to conclude this stunning musical journey. Especially the uplifting, hopeful piano piece 'Take Flight' with those rousing arpeggios underlines Garreth's irrepressible power to create unique moments in music. The piece literally takes off and gets its own wings especially when the Organ and the woodwind quintet set in. 'The Last', a quiet and sad key waltz in minor and a reminiscence to the first piece of the EP series 'The First' and the summer-jazzy piano impromptu 'Making something from nothing on a random evening in Dobrota in June' round up the whole EP perfectly." Sonorospace

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