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Upright Vol. III available now!

Upright Vol. III is available now, featuring scores for 8 beautiful pieces of contemporary piano music from 8 fantastic composers: Philip DanielMuriël Bostdorp, Marie AwadisJulien MarchalJakob LindhagenJacob PavekDanny Mulhern and Ben Crosland (Composer)

You can download it for free at or pay whatever you want, with all profits going to Music for Relief. So far we've published three editions, raised over $650, and all of the composers and me have given their music and time for free.

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Garreth Brooke
Upright Vol. II is out now

Upright Vol. II is out now.

8 beautiful pieces of sheet music for solo piano, featuring Bruno Sanfilippo, Oskar Schuster, Alice Baldwin, Dominique Charpentier, Wendell Roth, Jameson Nathan Jones, Garreth Broke and Niall Byrne.

Download it for free or pay what you want.

All profits to Music for Relief.

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Garreth Brooke
Upright Vol I

I'm really excited to announce my new project: Upright is a carefully curated selection of sheet music that brings together the best contemporary music for solo piano. 

It features wonderful music from 12 contemporary composers from around the world, including an Emmy-award winner.

It's free to download, but if you do pay for it, then all profits go to Music for Relief, a charity that provides immediate relief in the wake of humanitarian crises and natural disasters around the world.

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Garreth Brooke