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Spire - a collaboration with Jameson Nathan Jones - available now

Spire Cover.jpg

Delighted to announce this collaboration with the Mississippi based composer and performer Jameson Nathan Jones.

Jameson makes beautiful instrumental music from his attic studio in Laurel, MI, combining piano with his love of synths and programming. I've been a fan of his for a while, and it was a real pleasure collaborating with him to create this new track, Spire.

Spire began as a simple improvised melody that reminded me of a peal of church bells, a sound redolent of childhood Sundays in the UK. I recorded it and then layered other melodies over it, intermingling them with each other. Jameson got involved and his layered synths and eurorack effects added a whole other dimension, a sense of something intangible and profound. There's a preview of the track in a video below. Artwork is, as usual, by Anna Salzmann - there's a preview above. Click below to listen, buy or share the track.

You can find out more about Jameson by visiting his website or get to know his music by listening on Spotify or his Soundcloud profile. A good place to start is his latest album, The Sanctuary Sessions.

Garreth Brooke