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sheet music for the June EP - now available

Sheet music for the June EP is now available in my store and from 1631 Recordings.

The June EP is the last part of a four-part series of EPs released on the acclaimed contemporary classical music label 1631 Recordings.

It features arrangements for solo piano for:

  1. The Last - "a lovely minor key waltz" (Stationary Travels)
  2. Take Flight - an "uplifting, hopeful piano piece ... with those rousing arpeggios [which] underlines Garreth's irrepressible power to create unique moments in music. The piece literally takes off and gets its own wings" (Sonorospace)
  3.  Making Something From Nothing On A Random Evening In Dobrota In June (the original recording featured my buddy Phil Smith on accordion and trumpet - this version is just for piano

The booklet also features that wonderful artwork by Anna Salzmann, which you can see in this video:

Garreth Brooke