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Dance EP

Three new pieces of my music have been released today, 29th March ‘19, under the title Dance EP. It's some of the most positive music I've ever written and that was deliberate: there’s so much negativity in the world right now that I felt that if I was going to release anything, it had to be something that would lift people up, not drag them down. The three tracks are Dance, Something Uplifting and Ripples. You can experience the music in a variety of ways:

Audio is available to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud, or you can download the mp3s from 1631 Recordings / Decca and my store or iTunes.

Garreth Broke Anna Salzmann Dance EP Cover

My wife and collaborator, Anna Salzmann, created some really beautiful artwork for the EP. We've turned that artwork into postcards and added download codes to each one, so you can buy the art and the music at the same time. You can pick these postcards up at my store.

Sheet music is published by Editions Musica Ferrum and you can pick up a copy from their website or my store. Musica Ferrum say "Containing three pieces for the intermediate pianist, the attention of both the audience and the performer is immediately captured by the beauty and seeming simplicity of the music, which makes the pieces very impressive to listen, but rather approachable to play. For grades 5-6."

I hope you enjoy!

Garreth Brooke