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New music - "For B" - on THESIS Drive

I’m delighted to have a suite of pieces released exclusively on THESIS Drive. It’s called “For B”, and is 15 minutes of intense improvised felt piano enriched by synth and harmonica.

Currently the only way to access the full audio is to become a THESIS subscriber. THESIS is an independent label run by the extraordinary artist Gregory Euclide, who hand makes vinyl for the vast majority of the releases. Their roster of artists is astonishingly good: Taylor Dupree, Dustin O’Halloran, Dag Rosenqvist, Sophie Hutchings, Julia Kent, Angus McRae… I could go on but it’s basically a “who’s who” of contemporary classical music and I’m ecstatic to be included.

You can preview “For B” below:

Garreth Brooke