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Education Testimonials


"I believe you are enhancing my girls' life journey and am so grateful we met you and have you!" - mother of two current students. 


"Garreth is a fantastic piano teacher.  He is adored by my children who take piano lessons from him each week. My twin girls get very excited when Garreth arrives to teach and he is a joy to have in our home. Garreth makes learning fun at the same time educational and he is very organized and has well thought out lesson plans. Garreth has also started to teach the girls some composition skills during their lesson time and this makes me very happy. Being a professional singer and voice teacher myself, I worked very hard to find the right music teacher to give my children a strong start to their musical education. Picking the right teacher was of great importance to me and I can say that I am truly pleased with our choice of Garreth as their teacher." - Brenda Christensen, Canadian soprano and singing teacher, mother of two students.


"Garreth Brooke is an incredibly talented pianist and a gifted teacher who knows how to make piano lessons both instructive and fun. He’s great with kids and takes the time to find each child’s strengths and particular interests, which he’ll then incorporate into his lesson plans. Garreth’s dedication to teaching goes well beyond the actual lessons and their preparation; he’s also a great communicator who kept us in the loop with weekly progress reports, and he’s meticulous to the nth degree when it comes to working out schedules. Our daughter loved taking lessons with Garreth, and we were all quite sad to say goodbye to him when we left Frankfurt." - parent of a former student


"She loved the lesson, I have never seen her so enthusiastic about playing music before. Am very happy!" - email from a parent of a current student after her daughter's first lesson.

"My daughters are thoroughly enjoying their lessons with Garreth. I don't even have to remind them to practice and it is incredible how much they have learned in a matter of months!" - mother of two students.

"It was a real pleasure to have you teaching Luísa, she made great progress and is now enjoying a lot to play! You are really a wonderful teacher!" - mother of a former student.


"My five year old finds Garreth to be a fun and engaging teacher who personalises each lesson to bring out his pupil's enthusiasm for the piano. Never short of ideas, each session flew by and I am always confident that my daughter is learning and enjoying herself - a vital combination if you are discovering and feeding a passion for music." - mother of a former student.


"Garreth taught me piano for nearly a year, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He is patient (very!), knowledgeable, good-humoured and really knows how to make lessons enjoyable for all ages. I recommend him completely". - former student.