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June EP

June EP

Released on 30th June 2017 by 1631 Recordings.

"lovely... genuinely uplifting ... shows us yet again how easily Broke can shift moods & motifs while it ends the series on a note of warmth, hope, and camaraderie. A pleasant journey comes to an end, but just as with the seasons themselves, perhaps the ending is also the beginning of something new…" Stationary Travels

"With Garreth’s heartfelt pieces ringing with accuracy relevant to each season and Anna’s incredible, abstract paintings so clearly following each note of each piece, the project has been a joy to keep up with." Piano & Coffee Co

"With the "June" EP he found the best possible way to conclude this stunning musical journey. Especially the uplifting, hopeful piano piece "Take Flight" underlines Garreth's irrepressible power to create unique moments in music." Ónority Music

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Artwork by Anna Salzmann