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March EP

March EP

Released on 29th March 2017 by 1631 Recordings.

"While March touches on wistful themes, each piece is imbued with the verdant promise of spring by contrast with the autumnal melancholy of September and the crystalline austerity of December, a testimony to Broke’s ability to master nuances of style, tone, and timbre to convey both mood and setting. Coupled with the lovely artwork and inventive experiments with both form and medium, Garreth and Anna have created a unique series that is as enjoyable as it is moving." - Stationary Travels

"Broke’s spring-themed EP, March, simply leaves nothing to be desired. The melodies seem full and fresh, yet familiar as if the tunes are old friends nearly forgotten. Much of modern classical music doesn’t dare to go where Broke goes tonally in his EP. While the methods are familiar ones, the content of the playing is where Broke’s piano shines. Subconsciously, as well, the music forms mental images of space and landscapes that hint at raw, wide open countryside and the bite of a cold wind despite sunny skies." - Piano & Coffee Co.

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Artwork by Anna Salzmann.