composer, pianist, teacher


Garreth's Studio

Garreth has a well-equipped piano teaching and composition studio in Harheim, Frankfurt am Main.


The Bechstein 

The 1988 Bechstein Upright piano was recently refurbished by the experts at Piano Palme in Friedberg. It sounds beautiful and is regularly tuned. The studio also has microphones which can be set up to record live performances. 

the art

A beautiful space is conducive to making beautiful music! The art in the room is by Anna Salzmann.


The Composition Studio

Students can also make the most of music technology to create their own compositions. The MIDI keyboard shown on the left connects to the Mac, enabling the student to interact with digital audio workstations like Logic Pro X and Ableton Live as well as score-writing programmes like Sibelius and MuseScore.

the practise piano

There is an additional digital practise piano (not shown) available for students who arrive early to do some silent piano practise.